Wednesday, April 15, 2009

knitted bunny

Is it too late for bunny crafty things? (I don't think so..) Here's one I recently finished. I got the pattern from this book.

Remember this post? I gave myself a challenge to make at least 4 things from my older craft books and 2 things from my newer ones before I can buy any new books. Well, that didn't really work, because I have since bought even more (oops). But I'm still working on that little challenge, and this bunny is the 4th project from this book (The other ones are a bit boring and not really worth showing, but I did post a photo of the drawstring pouch in this post).
So, isn't he cute? The directions were pretty simple; I didn't use the two circular needles like they recommended, I just used a set of double pointed needles and it worked out fine. And I added a pom-pom tail, because what kind of bunny doesn't have a little puffy tail?


Julie said...

It's never too late for such cuteness!

Stephanie said...

Hi! Your knitted bunny is too cute!! I found you over on the fabric shopper's blog and I've been enjoying your posts. Nice to have found you and I'll be back again.