Monday, April 13, 2009

coffee cake

I hope you all had a great Easter! We did... how can you not have a good time when chocolate, mimosas, and lots and lots of baked goods are involved? Our family gets together for an Easter brunch, so every kind of breakfast food you can think of we had.. and then afterwards we had dessert too!
I was to bring a coffee cake. I have a big bag of frozen raspberries that we picked last fall that I thought I'd use. I found a recipe for raspberry almond coffee cake on allrecipes and it was really tasty. I think everyone liked it. And it actually looked like a coffee cake! I wasn't really expecting that.

I'm a guest blogger today on Cathe Holden's blog, Just Something I Made (a warm welcome to those of you who are visiting from there!). Cathe is incredibly creative and she does some amazing things with clip art. I'm always inspired when I visit her blog.

I put together a little tutorial to make a business card holder. You can check out the post here, or download a PDF version of the directions right here.


Cathe Holden said...

Your business card tutorial is getting tons of fantastic comments and web attention! It was even picked up by

Thanks again for a great project to share with my blog readers!!!

Kaye Prince said...

I found your blog via Cathe and I'm really enjoying reading it so far! I love the business card holder and may just need to make one (not that I actually have business cards, but you never know). Thanks for the crafty inspiration!