Wednesday, January 28, 2009

maybe I've gone too far

Sorry if this grosses some of you out. I almost didn't post about this but I think it's awesome so I'm just going to assume that someone out there will agree with me!These came in the mail the other day... yep, cloth pads! I read about them in the Etsy forums (just do a search for "cloth pads"). You can find lots of info on the internet as well. I read that cloth pads can actually make your period shorter and less painful. Plus it's much better for the environment than all those disposables! I absolutely hate disposable pads so I can't really believe it's taken me this long to get some cloth ones.

I did a lot of shopping around on Etsy and I finally decided on these two sets to start with so I could test them out. The polka dot ones are from Pleat and you can find them right here. The white ones are from gogreengirl and you can get them here. I got the sets that have a liner, a regular pad, and an overnight pad.

I haven't been able to try them yet, but they all look very well made and up for the task. ;)And looking at them in person I think they would be pretty easy to make myself.


Completely unrelated... Julie from knitsational is having a really cute giveaway on her blog, so check it out!


Treasuresofjoy said...

her is a free pattern:
I am considering this, but um.. where do you rinse it out, I do not have a utility sink, I don't know? Also I am wondering if the cotton is as absorbent, I like the idea of flannel, sherpa, or velour.
I did cloth diapers for my daughter.

cjc said...

I'm not so sure...what do you do with them when your out and about or at work?

Leah said...

Treasuresofjoy - Thanks for the pattern!
I plan on rinsing them in the bathroom sink or in the shower. And the ones that I bought are cotton flannel, I would think regular cotton would be a little cold and wouldn't be as absorbent.
cjc - some sellers make waterproof bags that you can put them in until you get home! :)

Treesa said...

Hello Ladies. I have been using washable pads for almost 10 years. Sorry to say that they have not made my moon time shorter or less PMS but I can tell you that I would never go back to my old ways. I also sell on etsy. My website has lots of info about how to handle your moon pads. The link is I am happy to share my experiences with you.

The Eaglewoman said...

wow....i think i might have to at least give these a try. i completely hear you - i hate throwing away all that trash each month! not to mention the packaging, trucking, etc. thanks for the link (and the pattern ideas, ladies!)

Julie said...

I really want to try these. I would love to hear how you like them when...ahem, get a chance to use them. i did find some tutorials to make them yourself So, I may try to do this rather than buying any. Those are actually very cute, though.

Anonymous said...


I really like my cloth pads as well, but they haven't done much in regards of making things less painful or shorter. However, my skin has an easier time with these than disposables, as they let your skin "breathe". I have some flannel ones and they're ok, but what I really love are my bamboo pads. Bamboo is also antibacterial, so it's ideal for something like pads or cloth diapers. Super absorbent, too!