Wednesday, December 3, 2008

three thistle dusters

Oh, I'm loving these mice... :)

This year I'm really trying to reduce my waste for the holidays.. I do it throughout the year but for some reason I haven't really tried to be more environmentally friendly at Christmastime until this year. I guess I just assumed I needed to use wrapping paper to wrap gifts? So it's a process. :)

I found this cute little book at the bookstore a few weeks ago and I've been reading it when I can.. it's pretty good so far, but I think I'm just getting into the fun stuff now - like decorations, packaging, etc. So I'll check back with how I like it.
They had this one at the bookstore too, but it's HUGE! I don't know if it's printed on post-consumer recycled paper or what, but it just seemed like a waste. And it looked like it had lots of photos.. (I was looking mostly for information).
And when I searched on Amazon for those books, I came across this one for children. Looks cute!

Oh! I almost forgot, today one of my fabric bookmarks is the "Etsy Item of the Day" on the Etsy Item of the Day blog! Thank you, Jackie!!

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