Tuesday, December 9, 2008

grandma's cookie cutters

My sweet, sweet grandma used to make dozens of different kinds of cookies every year for Christmas and she would give them to neighbors, family and friends in shirt boxes lined with waxed paper. I used to go over and help her decorate the sugar cookies and make the spritz cookies. I have such good memories of the time spent with her (and of my grandpa peeking into the kitchen every once in a while too!). She had just one rule: if you break a cookie, you have to eat it. :)

When she started getting sick she stopped baking around the holidays and she gave me her cookie cutters. She's gone now, but I've started to bake lots of cookies for Christmas (although not nearly as many as she used to make, I swear the woman didn't sleep). I love pulling these cookie cutters out every year and making the same shapes I remember as a child. But two cookies I never saw growing up were the angel and the reindeer. I tried them a couple years ago and found out right away why she never used those two cutters: the angel’s wing almost always breaks off and the reindeer’s leg breaks off! lol

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