Monday, October 27, 2008

I won an award!?

The other day I got an award! What a surprise! I got it from The Ordinary Housewife!
So in order to accept the award I need to pass it on to six blogs I love and list six things that I love. Here are the blogs:

And six things that I love:
1. colors
2. Pearl Jam
3. peppermint tea
4. the smell of apple blossoms
5. being outside
6. old movies
Thank you Ordinary Housewife!

Also, I posted my lunch bags in the shop. Man, I went through so many different designs/sizes/fabrics before I decided on these! It's nice to finally see them finished. I wish there were some school-aged kids in the family, I think they would be great to use as gift bags for Christmas. But adults would love them too. ;)

Oh, and about Christmas.. I know it's not even Halloween yet but I'm starting to get ready for the holidays.. like making lists and planning and such. That's all I've allowed myself to do so far (I'm trying to hold off until after Halloween)! I'm one of those people that think Thanksgiving doesn't get the attention it deserves.. but really, how can you get everything accomplished between Thanksgiving and Christmas? There's just too many crafty projects I want to do. So once Halloween is over, get ready for some Christmas posts every once in a while.. I have some fun things to share.