Friday, June 5, 2009

summer reading

My mom owns a lot of books. She has so many that I almost never buy a novel or a memoir for myself, I just borrow hers to read. She has pretty good taste so it works out well. :)

Last week I asked her to collect five or so of her favorites so that I can work on reading them over the summer. She came back with 10, unable to pick just 5. So now this stack is sitting on my dresser, waiting for me and I'm loving it there. Every time I pass by I think of reading them during lazy weekends in the backyard, sunny days on the beach, chilly mornings in the woods, and late nights with the crickets chirping. What would summer be without a good book (or 10)?

I already sped through Water for Elephants this week, staying up far too late and being a bit groggy during the day because of it, but it was worth it, I thought it was very good.

Anyway, I don't exactly know what most of these books are about, or whether I'll like them or not, but I figured I'd share the list here in case some of you were looking for something new to read this summer:

- For One More Day, Mitch Albom
- Durable Goods, Elizabeth Berg
- Revenge of the Paste Eaters, Cheryl Peck
- A Million Little Pieces, James Frey (I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about this book, and that it is really mostly fiction. I'll probably give it a try though, but it may be last on the list!)
- The Good Good Pig, Sy Montgomery
- A Three Dog Life, Abigail Thomas
- Jim the Boy, Tony Earley
- With a Hammer for my Heart, George Ella Lyon
- She Got up off the Couch, Haven Kimmel
- Water for Elephants, Sara Gruen


BJ Lantz said...

I'm making a note of these books! I read Water For Elephants a couple summers ago and loved it. If you haven't read The Time Travelers Wife (Audrey Neffenegger) see if your mom has it - it is excellent. At the moment I am reading Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman and have stayed up too late the last couple nights with it myself! Happy reading!

The Eaglewoman said...

i have heard amazing things about 'water for elephants' - i hope you enjoy it! it's on my reading list as well, so keep us posted as to what you think! :)

Steph said...

I'm making notes, too! Water for Elephants is VERY good.

g said...

I too loved "water for elephants" & "the time travelers wife"!

thanks for the titles - I always like adding to my reading list, I just wish I could read as fast as I collect titles :)

Anonymous said...

I also loved Water for Elephants. Our book club read it last year and everyone agreed that it was a fabulous book. Another great one that we all enjoyed was Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See.

Right now I'm reading a book called The Luxe, which is actually a young adult book about high society life in 1899. It's a gossipy, juicy read and I've been breezing through it.