Monday, June 29, 2009

almost there

I finished quilting the summer quilt this weekend. I really wanted to do some fancy free-motion quilting (like this), but after much practice and playing around with settings and a bit of swearing, I've come to the conclusion that my cheapo machine just can't handle it. Oh well. So I did a simple diagonal grid instead. Good enough for a beach blanket right?

I made the binding last night (when I should have been studying), and I sewed it on today. Now it's on to my most favorite part of the entire quilt-making process: hand stitching the back of the binding on. Oh I love it! My mom thinks I'm nuts. :) Maybe I'll have this thing finished before the end of summer after all.


Stephanie said...

Wonderful quilt, I like the diagonal lines it adds a whole different look. Looking forward to seeing the quilt finished. I just got into quilting, and want to make a picnic quilt, but not too sure what kind of design for this one. For now I'll just check out all the quilts in blogland for inspiration. Enjoy sewing on your binding!! :)

Nicky said...

cute fabric. The word quilt makes me shutter... so much dedicated work! Good for you :) Great shots on the days of the week too!