Tuesday, April 21, 2009

muffin love

I've been making (and eating) muffins quite a bit lately. I love them because they're slightly sweet but filling and somewhat healthy. Can't go wrong! Both of these I got from this Martha Stewart article, the ones above are the oat bran-applesauce mini muffins (the grocery store was out of wheat bran, so I substituted wheat germ and whole grain wheat flour and they were still really good. I now have the wheat bran but haven't tried it the right way yet).
This one is the banana-blueberry cornmeal muffin. The bananas make them nice and moist and the cornmeal (I love cornmeal) adds a really wonderful texture to them. Next time I think I'll add more blueberries. The recipe called for a cup, I'll try a cup and a half.

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