Thursday, March 5, 2009

spring greens

I tried getting a treasury to feature these pretty green items I found on Etsy but I missed it by two minutes! So I made a poster sketch instead. Aren't they lovely? I love the bunnies. Have I ever posted a photo of my rabbit Charlie? I'll have to 'cause he's just about the cutest thing you'll ever see. :)

Here are the links:

1. Madeline Ivory Chrysanthemum Necklace 2. New Growth Green- handspun handdyed 2-ply yarn 3. Landscape 285 (I just realized this is sold, sorry!) 4. Avocado Jar

5. Original Oil painting Bunny Peeks In 6. Layered Circles Felt Flower Brooch Pin in Avocado Green 7. Heart Serving Bowl 8. Elements of Craft Eco Bangle Bracelet Set of 3

9. Vintage Button Ring--Spring is Here 10. MOSSY STONE in Superwash Wool and Nylon Yarn 11. Pretty Vintage Buttons - Lime Bright Green 12. vintage mint celadon green bunny rabbit with carrot

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