Wednesday, March 11, 2009

no more crazy

Brian bought me a couple sets of knitting needles for Christmas and until now I had no way to keep them all tidy and organized and it was driving me a little bit crazy. Enter the knitting needle rolls. To make them, I loosely followed the directions for the colored pencil roll in Last-Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts, modifying the sizes to fit the needles.
This is the one for the single-pointed needles. I made it out of a beautiful vintage table cloth. There is no way I'd be able to cut into something like this normally but when I got it it already had a big strip cut off. :( It still took me months to muster up enough courage to pick up the scissors.
I included a little flap at the top so the needles won't slip out. As I'm looking at these pictures I realize that I could have just made the entire roll taller and then just fold that over. I made it separately. heh. duh!
And here's the one for the dp needles. I made the pockets different sizes to fit the different sized needles. Some ended up a bit too big and others are a little snug but overall I'm happy with it.


The Eaglewoman said...

what a great idea! i love it!

peggy said...

Hello Leah,
I have enjoyed your site and will return often. I made the lip balm and I am very happy with it so far. I had this beeswax candle I had bought at a garage sale a year or so ago. Just stuffed in the jumble drawer in the kitchen in case of a power I used that. Worked like a charm. I am going to do the lotion next but have to hit the good will and find a containor first. All of them I have at the moment are too big.
I am in Dallas and tho we got your big storm last night and it is chilly today, day before yesterday it was 86...I hate Dallas in the summer. I am an Alaska girl and the heat and I dont mix well. I keep asking myself why I dont go home especially right now with the geese going north I long to go with them. Soon,..I think. The daffodils have bloomed here and the tulips. My bleeding heart is going crazy, and the roses are starting. The Irises are begining too. The flowers have to get busy and bloom early here as by May its too hot and they all go dormant again. Anyway,stuck in the house today because of the rain so am going to make some pet soap. I make soap and sell a bit of it here and there. I have a booth at the Canton First Monday trade days and that is a lot of fun. Dont make much money but do have a good time and there are sooooo many good bargains there that you can wind up hyperventilating if you arent carefull :) Have a great day. Peggy