Tuesday, February 3, 2009

day 3 : emerging

First my photo for create-a-thing-a-day:
We have a little micro-climate on the south side of the house where these daffodils are planted. I also have some planted out in the middle of the yard, but we won't see those for weeks. So maybe this is cheating a bit, but I'm still so, so happy to see them.

And on the crafting front, I finished this the other day:

A hat for Brian. He picked out the yarn and the pattern. The yarn is Berroco's Ultra Alpaca and it's wonderfully soft and silky. I love this stuff. The pattern is the Jacques Cousteau Hat, which I found on ravelry and it's available for free here. I'm pretty sure he picked it only because of the name. :) But I love the pattern the decreases make:
It's a really easy pattern but I did have some issues with the sizing. I started with the men's size and bigger needles (he has a big head) but it was way too big. Even the larger size with the recommended needle size was too big. I finally tried the smaller women's size and it's a perfect fit. So I started this hat three times! I'm glad it's finished and he loves it.


Typy said...

It's not cheating to enjoy the spring. I'm afraid I'll have to wait daffodils at least a moth still, micro climate or not. I'm sorry the measuring was not good for you and you had to do several versions, but anyway thank you for knitting it :-)

Leah said...

I think it was more my fault than anything. :) It was worth it though because he wears it ALL the time.

Emilie Schuler said...

Hi! I stumbled upon this post because I'm also looking to make the Jacques Cousteau Hat. I was just wondering: what needle size did you end up using that worked for you! I also have Berroco Ultra Alpaca, and I would prefer not to have to start over 3 times like you did!