Monday, February 23, 2009

day 23 : red

Today is day one of color week. If you decide to play along on your blog, please post a comment on this post! :)
Heaven is a fresh strawberry paczki straight from Hamtramck (paczki is pronounced "poonch-key"). Am I cheating because it's not Fat Tuesday yet? Oh well, it was so good. And I'll eat a custard one tomorrow. And then workout.


Katrina said...

I am very much enjoying your blog. In particular your color week and daily photos. Thanks much!

deborah said...

You must be from Michigan...I haven't looked yet. So am I, I listen to WJR and they talk about the paczkes from Hantramck as being the BEST anywhere. Your picture is great.

Leah said...

They were so good Deborah! I live in the 'burbs but a local store owner was going down to Hamtramck every morning for fresh ones.. I don't even know how many I ate last week! :)