Tuesday, February 10, 2009

day 10 : thawing

We had record highs today in Michigan. There are puddles and little streams everywhere... the massive amount of snow we had is rapidly disappearing. I love it! I'm hoping my garden soil will be nice and workable really early this year. We won't be getting any more snow, right? ha! :)

I was checking out Etsy today looking for Valentine's goodies.. there's sooooo many great things there. I pulled together a poster sketch with some of my favorite finds:

1. BE MY VALENTINE handspun novelty yarn 2. Love birds, letterpress card 3. PETALS - Winter flower - Unique Corsage Brooch Pin 4. Red Velvet Cake Balls
5. It's because of love - Necklace 6. My Dear - 5 x 5 signed fine art photograph 7. February No.2 8. I Wheelie Like You Letterpress Card
9. Heart Balloon - Printable Valentines, Notecards, Gift Tags and Stationery 10. Be My Vegantine Heart Cupcake Box filled with 6 Chocolate Ganache Dipped Mini Cupcakes 11. I LOVE YOU wood stationery set 12. FROM A PASSING CAR- Fine Art Print 8x10

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