Sunday, February 1, 2009

day 1 : snow trail

Figures, day one of create-a-thing-a-day month and my camera battery dies! The above photo is the one and only photo I took today. ha! But I actually kind of like it so all is well. With all the snow we've gotten in the last month, the dogs have taken to using a few well-worn trails to get around the backyard, and this photo shows a small piece of one, with the sun and shadows highlighting it (I love shadows.. I love to watch them change throughout the day and throughout the seasons..).

It was such a beautiful day today, 38 degrees and sunny. I'm sure 38 seems really cold for some of you, but I don't think in the entire month of January it got above freezing so we were thrilled. We took the dogs for a walk and I even spotted six robins!!

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