Monday, January 19, 2009

quilts on flickr

The other night I was looking for quilt photos on Flickr because I'm in need of some inspiration for Brian's quilt (that's right, I haven't started it yet. I'm horrible!). I found quite a few amazing quilts. Some of my favorites are pictured above. #2 is my most favorite of all of them, I love it so much. Looking at these all together I see that I'm drawn to square(ish) blocks surrounded by white space. I guess that's a starting point for Brian's quilt.

Here are the links:

1. a quilt of our own 2. cecilia's quilt 3. WIP: A quilt for me. 4. Quilt top 5. Paintbox Quilt on the Sofa 6. Aqua Daisy Chain quilt top 7. A field of flowers quilt top 8. quilt top 9. #3's quilt 10. Rainbow baby quilt 11. button quilt up close 12. quilt paint box whole 13. Quilt for the crib 14. red and aqua quilt 15. Study in Blues and Red - Modern Art Quilt 16. Log Cabin Baby Boy Quilt 17. I found a quilt top today! 18. Quilt from Grandmom 19. sun and moon 20. Colorway Quilt

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knitsational said...

These are so inspirational. I have been wanting to learn quilting for a while. I would love to make some as lovely as these.