Thursday, January 15, 2009

felt food

I've been a little into felt food lately (never mind that I don't have kids!). They're so cute and the perfect thing to work on while watching a movie. I figured a purchased pattern would be a great place to start, so I bought this one from Etsy seller umecrafts (she has a bunch of really cute patterns. I'm still thinking about getting the veggies).

Pictured above are my creations. The banana has a removable skin.. neat right? And the apple has velcro on it so it can stick together, but I won't make any more apples like that. It wasn't fun hand sewing the velcro on and it looks silly all stuck together, not at all like a whole apple.
But anyway, when I was searching around for free tutorials and ideas for other foods I found a few links that I thought I'd share:

- A pattern for a loaf of bread from cherrymix. I just noticed that she also has a pattern for a cupcake and a fortune cookie (and more) on her site.
- A couple tutorials here including a strawberry. (This is umecrafts's blog.)

- Finally, here and here you can find a ton more ideas, photos, instructions, and tips.
Oh, and about the felt. I used this ecospun felt that's made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles which I think is awesome. It's a good quality, nice and thick and strong. I bought it at Joann's on sale for 8 for 96 cents or something like that. If you want real wool felt (which I love.. maybe someday I'll make some out of wool..), you can find a large selection here, or here if you want to shop from Etsy.


half pint pixie said...

Thanks for the link :) They look great, your stitching is so neat! I never managed the apples slices, couldn't get them to look right. I am a big fan of the ecospun too, you really notice the difference in quality compared to acrylic felt!

Julie said...

Oh wow, those are fantastic! I am in love with banana. How awesome! The grandparents bought my girls a play kitchen for Christmas and those would be just the thing for them.

Leah said...

half pint pixie - Yeah, the apple pattern was a little off, I had to trim a bit from the fruit piece to get it to work. I still have a green one that I need to stitch together. :)

knitsational - isn't the banana great? :) And yes! The felt food would be great for a play kitchen.