Tuesday, December 16, 2008

little houses

I started this collection of vintage cardboard houses a couple years ago and I love them so much. I found some on eBay and some at the flea market. I have a funny story about the flea market ones. Well I don't know if it's funny exactly, maybe just weird. I heard a woman ask a vendor, "how much for the houses?" he said $15, she asked if he would take $10. He said no. The woman walked away. I didn't see the houses yet when I heard that little exchange. When I saw what houses they were talking about I knew I needed them (yes, I needed them). I really believe that it doesn't hurt to ask, so I asked the guy how much he wanted for them. Of course he said $15.. so I offered $10. And he took it!! Crazy right? So I got seven houses for $10. Not a bad deal at all (if you do a search on eBay or Etsy you'll see what I mean!) I did feel bad for the other woman though..

Oh and the bottle brush trees I've also been collecting from flea markets and garage sales over the summers. They can be priced pretty high sometimes (too high in my opinion!) so just hold out for cheap ones. You'll find some eventually!

I have most of them on the mantle. *sigh* love them... :)

The garland, the merry star thing, and the blue fake feather tree I got from various stores' after Christmas sales.


ruralmamma said...

ooo love them! Same kinda thing happened to me only with my vintage christmas bulbs...I think the lady gave into me because I looked like I was about to give birth in her tent (she wanted me gone haha) .. haha but she said no to the other lady and I asked actually 2 bucks cheaper and after my hubbie who overheard the whole situation relayed it and I did feel bad for the other lady but hey score for me right!!! haha

The Eaglewoman said...

hi! i absolutely love your decorations! i'm not sure how i came upon your blog, but i really enjoy reading it! take care and merry christmas!

Leah said...

Thanks guys!!
lol @ ruralmamma... funny! :)