Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Few Things

First, I added a few vintage items to the shop, sweet little Olga here being one of them.

And this! A Halloween Blog Party? Looks fun! I wish I knew about this sooner! :)

And finally, a couple things I found on the Craft blog today:

A Mary Poppins softie from My Paper Crane. Isn't she fantastic?

And a homemade recipe for lotion from Wabi Sabi Baby. I made some lotion a few years ago but it had to be stored in the fridge and I forgot about it! I've been meaning to find one that didn't need to be refrigerated and it seems like this one doesn't need to be, but it would extend the shelf life if it was. This one only calls for olive oil, water, and emulsifying wax. Simple! That's how I like it. (I just looked and found emulsifying wax at my favorite site, Mountain Rose Herbs. You can get 1lb for $5.90)

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