Tuesday, September 16, 2008


For the past few weeks I've been busy reading, researching, sketching, planning, dreaming, brainstorming, driving the boyfriend crazy, designing, writing and creating so I can open an Etsy shop. And finally, today, I listed my first item!

It may seem odd that the first thing I listed is a set of drop spindles, but there you have it. I find them fun to make, and back when I wanted to learn to spin I didn't see the reason why I should buy a spindle when I could make my own. Hopefully not everyone thinks this way! ha!
I have lots of plans for this little shop - fabric items, graphic design stuff, photography maybe, knitting (but I may need to get faster first!), baby items, bath and body stuff, paper items.. I just hope I'll eventually narrow it down a bit and have some sort of focus. I have a lot of passions... :)

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