Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gwen Frostic Prints

A lady I work with at the nature center had told me about this place up north where a woman named Gwen Frostic made and sold her block prints. So last summer when we were camping up that way, we found the shop to see what it was all about. Oh my, the place was so magical. It was like a little hobbit house. The floor was all uneven, there were rock walls here and there, there was a little waterfall and a pond, and a couple chipmunks were even running around, going in and out of little hidden cracks. You couldn't tell if you were inside or outside. So cool. The photo below is the entrance.

And the prints! Absolutely beautiful. I photographed some of my favorites to share.

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g said...

I happened upon some of her bird cards awhile ago at an estate sale & love them so much...and now I want more thanks to you showing all these beautiful designs!