Monday, July 28, 2008

Storage Ideas for sewing supplies

This may be strange, but I love containers. Especially old containers. Boxes, jars, baskets, bowls… oh they make me so happy. And for holding sewing or craft supplies, they look great while working well at the same time. Here are some photos from my craft room. An old 7Up crate holds some fabric. I found this in the garage, hosed it off, and filled it up.
A peanut butter Jar and a pickle jar hold buttons. And no, it’s not logical to organize buttons in rainbow order all in one jar. But I couldn’t help myself, and I'm the type of person that puts things in rainbow order. It may be a disease. I got them both at the flea market for about 50 cents each. More buttons, this time in sweet little jelly jars (also from the flea market). The flowers are in a honey jar (I found that on Ebay).
Bias tape and rick rack in a little suitcase (Flea market).
Fabric scraps are stored in an old hatbox (also from the flea market).

Often old things have an old smell, so to get rid of it, I wash the item with a damp rag to get rid of dust and grime, then I let it air out for a few days. If it still stinks, I get another damp rag, put a few drops of essential oil on it, and wipe it down again. The suitcase stunk really bad, and I wiped it with essential oil months ago and it still smells nice whenever I open it. Sometimes I open it just to smell inside. lol
If you didn’t want to get more delicate items wet (like the hat box, which is cardboard), you can also put a little sachet filled with herbs, flowers, and maybe a drop or two of essential oil inside the box and it will smell great too.


Vyeshi said...

love your ideas!
And I'm addicted to trunks and old suitcases. I have way too many.

Leah said...

I was recently given an old trunk that some friends were going to throw away. It's huge and wonderful and I love it! They look so much better than those plastic storage tubs. :)